Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello, world!

My name is T-Jack and I have decided to write a blog. It will not be a thematic blog, or a super-duper personal diary blog, it will just serve as a place to store and publish my various thoughts and ideas as well as a practice grounds for my non-existent writing skills.

What led me to creating Illegal Alpaca was my recent departure from the position of a reviewer at xkcd-sucks blog (the good one). The main reason for my retirement, as I state in my goodbye post on that blog), was that I felt like I had nothing more to say on the subject and that I was just repeating myself over and over again. However, my urge to write and create remains, which is where this blog comes into play.

That is not to say that Illegal Alpaca is the first thing I've ever done. A long time ago, I was a member on an ancient Cave Story fansite forum, where I not only wrote a few little things that are best kept forgotten, but also met a fascinating fellow who goes by the name Jacob. It was through him that I joined a small group of friends called The Bell Tree. We try to tell stories through scenes posed in Garry's Mod (just a note for those who will look at those albums: I am not a brony. I just know insane amounts of them), even if we're not exacly successful. Also of note is the only fanfic I have ever written, What Now?.

I am also an avid gamer and troper. I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, especially when coupled with British comedy. I am a board game enthusiast, to the point that I used to make up my own. Oh, and I have a USSR flag on my desk. I got it in seventh grade when I was on a school trip to Austria.

Well, that should be enough about me. I promise that future posts will not suck nearly as hard as this one does. Oh, and I apologize for the corny title.

Actually, no. I don't.

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